Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: Bark

When I read that today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt was bark, I knew I had photos on my hard drive that fit the bill. I am always in the woods photographing trees. I love trees. The most complicated thing for me is going through the hundreds of thousands of photos I have on my multiple hard drives searching through my very unorganized and unnamed photos.

While out cutting trails in the woods, I spotted this guy watching us.

The stories I imagine these trees could tell if they had the words. But you can see some of the tales they would tell just from looking at them.

And of course, the word ‘bark’ also bring to mind the bark of dogs, which I have plenty of those since I am constantly photographing the dogs and sometimes they talk back to me when they have had enough of modeling. This photo of Gunner in the sunlight is one of those ‘conversations’ we were having one afternoon during a shoot.

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