The Falcon

I was approaching the kitchen sink with my empty coffee mug from earlier that morning when I saw the falcon sitting on the utility pole halfway down my driveway. “Shit! Which camera can I use?!” I always panic when all of a sudden wildlife presents its self to me out my window and I don’t have a camera in hand.

I had only one choice but to grab my Canon50D with my Opteka 1300mm lens. It’s the only lens I have that would be able to give me a good shot of the falcon which was about 250-300 yards away. It’s occasions like these that have taught me to keep my camera loaded with a good battery, always have a battery or two back up ready to go as well and a SD card that has space. I can’t say that I have learned my lesson – but I am improving.

To get this shot I stood at the kitchen sink snapping away, waiting for him to turn this way and that. He preened himself in between moments of surveilling the hunting grounds below. He allowed me a ten minute photo shoot before flying off.

This is my post for Cee’s B&W Challenge – It’s All About Nature

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