Current Thoughts: Designing During the Pandemic Bandannas, Masks and Puzzles

Never did I imagine that I would be applying some of my designs and photographs to masks. Bandannas I could see designing because I love bandannas and have been an avid user of bandannas for a good part of my life. The masks are new though, this is something different, something I never considered before — ever.

Zazzle was quick to move on this providing designers with masks. This is under the product description for their masks, “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the use of cloth face coverings1 as face masks to supplement social distancing in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. While the CDC’s guidance recommends even homemade cloth face coverings to help slow the spread of the virus, now you can go a step further with a beautifully decorated face mask covering with a disposable mask insert slot. The insert slot allows you to insert a disposable mask inside (sold separately) to provide extra layers of filter protection.”

I was happy to see this since it also provides the public with an alternate place to look for masks to cover their faces that will not take away from the N95 masks that medical workers and first responders need so badly to do their jobs without putting themselves of their patients at risk.

Bandanna Designs

Bandannas were some of the first products that I thought about using some of my designs before Zazzle put up the masks. I’ve always loved bandannas to tie my hair up and the kids have been using them at music festivals for years to protect their faces from dusty fairgrounds.

It’s been over a month now that we have been told to Stay-At-Home forcing me to juggle my online businesses which I am still able to keep going with taking care of the now full house that has 2 added bodies ad 2 more dogs to add to my already 3-pack.

I’ve always been a puzzle person since I was a child. I used to love the 1000 piece challenging puzzles but now prefer the 250-500 piece ones simply since I like instant gratification and the 1000 piece puzzles take to much time. Although, these days time is plentiful, yet I still haven’t done one of my puzzles.

I’ve particularly enjoyed going through my travel photographs and looking for photos that I think would make interesting puzzles. The gallery below shows a selection of my puzzles of Italy.

It’s in time like these that we sometime have to get creative in order to keep going forward. When the days start to blend together and there seems like there is no end in sight or nothing to look forward to, we have to remember that there is an end to every beginning and sometime in the not too distant future we will end our quarantine and begin a new chapter of our lives.

Newfound Sunset

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