Double Letter Photos

When I start to look through my photos I get overwhelmed sometime by the volume. Som have been worked on, others thrown on hard drives and cloud drives to be sorted through another day. The Stay-At-Home orders have given me more time to ‘sort’ through some of these photos, but not really since I just get overwhelmed and move on to something else or get lost in editing a long lost photo I had forgotten about.

I find the photo challenges to be particularly helpful in finding use or helping me ‘sort’ through my shit photos. These are my entries for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Anything with double letters.

baseball game

My kids were little at the time we took them to spring training down in Florida. Mark McGwire is at bat and he was a big deal at the time in 1998 when he broke the record for the most homeruns in one season. Roger Maris had held the record with 61. This picture was take during spring training 1998.

a pair of giraffes

I wish I could say I was in Africa on safari taking this photo but it was with my kids in Florida at Lion Country Safari. The same year we went to spring training.


Seagulls are all over the beaches in California. I had taken the kids out to the west coast to look at some colleges. That was now 9 years ago.

Jelliff Mill -Waterfall

Jelliff Mill is in New Canaan, Connecticut and I used to pass this waterfall and the old mill every single day taking my kids back and forth to school. The mill has since been made in to luxury condominiums which overlook the pond and the falls.