Practice, Practice, Practice

I’ve been trying to draw everyday. Every morning I look up some drawing prompts and I get to work. I need the prompts – otherwise. I just sit there, wondering what to draw.

magnolia #plantober
dragonfly (insect) #folktober
emperor moth (wings) #inchieinktober
skeleton hand (bones) #folktober #witchtober

5 thoughts on “Practice, Practice, Practice

    1. No this is my first year joining in on the prompts. I’m having a lot of fun. When I saw the Dune prompt when the list came out – I didn’t consider attempting it – thinking- what would I draw?! Between finishing the book and having been in the groove with doing the prompts – I thought I’d give it a shot. So yesterday I posted on my Instagram acct @segalascreatives two dune drawings. The prompts, I find, make you draw things you wouldn’t perhaps naturally attempt and that’s a good thing.

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      1. I sometimes do a picture of a week’s worth of prompts in addition to doing them on there own. We all have a lot more time on our hands right now so I figured why not.


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