Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #118 Communication

Communication is this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #118 and this immediately brought certain images to my mind. Communication is ‘a process in which information is exchanged between individuals’ (Webster’s Dictionary). There are many forms of communication: verbal, written (as depicted in the banner photo), body language, sign language, just to name a few.

The photo of the small boy talking with his parents shows him listening intensively with furrowed brow looking into the eyes of his mother. We can’t see her face but you can tell she is talking directly to him and not her companion. His father is animatedly wiping his eyes with both hands, a tissue in his hand – but for some reason I don’t believe he was really crying but faking a crying fit his small son might have just had.

Beijing, China

Whereas, in the photo of the two ladies chatting, while working with the vegetables, shows a relaxed conversation between the women. The child playing on the stool next to her mother, communicates to us through her body language her contentment in the moment.


Singing is another form of communication and I captured this gathering of people singing in a park in Shanghai.

Shanghai, China

Babies communicate to their mothers their distress – not all communication is always clear. Some needs a little deciphering at times.

Children listen to Winnie the Pooh during storytime – some kids listening better than others.

Finally, is a photo of a couple sitting on the dock watching the sunset. Their body language shows nonverbal communication of love and intimacy.


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