Learning to Zentangle

I spent the entire month of February doing nothing but drawing zentangle patterns as part of my approach to our February Art Challenge on Instagram. I had never draw many tangles before, although I had come across some of the familiar patterns in the past and always admired the beautiful Mandelas made with some.

The practice of zentangling is a sort of meditative art form. By focusing on the lines one at a time which eventually form a pattern, you can simply “turn your off your day” and lose yourself in the patterning. I found that I would be so lost in my entangles and the time would slip by. Each day of the challenge was a different letter of the alphabet, so I took the opportunity to Zentangle each letter. Not only did I Zentangle each letter but I focused on the entangle patterns which started with that letter of the alphabet. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of pentangle patterns to learn so I felt that this was as good a place as any to get started.

One of the artists that I am a sponsor of on Patreon @JoelCreate every week challenges his patreons by giving us some sort of squiggle or beginning of a shape and from there we can create something with it. I have highlighted in red what the challenge drawing was and what I created using zentangles.

I really love the cool effects which you can get with the use of the zentangle patterns and I had so much fun focusing on this last month. I plan on incorporating more entangles into future artwork, particularly since it will allow me to explore a more surreal effect.

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