Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #122

There are a few ways that I like to try to capture the sun when taking pictures. Sometimes it takes on a more supporting role, shining away in the background, highlighting this and that.

Last week, I noticed the sun’s rays were penetrating through the forest more, now that the autumn winds have stripped the deciduous trees of their leaves.

The sun’s rays shining brightly, forcing the trees to cast long shadows.

Just a few weeks ago when the foliage was peaking, the sun highlighted the beautiful colors of the leaves.

Other times, the sun is more of what I like to focus on.

But I love when the sun takes center stage. It can be so dramatic.

To capture a picture of the sun just sitting atop the plateau of the mountain, takes plenty of picture taking, trying to time the shot just right.

Sun Shine Daydream

I use my Canon 50D camera with an Opteka 1300mm lens to shoot the close-ups of the sun. I don’t use filters and I don’t look into the viewfinder – don’t want to burn out my eyes! I sort of look from a distance – it can make for some interesting framing with the sun in various positions in my lens.

I love the surreal look of the way some of the photos come out, the weather affecting its look from day to day.

A Neon-Light Diamond

This has been my post for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #122 hosted by Anvica’s Gallery.

8 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #122

  1. One of my favorite tips for shooting the sun is to stop down to around F8 or F11 to get sun stars. The other tip is to be careful when shooting the sun with mirrorless cameras as the sun isn’t protected by a mirror and thus the sensor is prone to damage.

    I really enjoyed these shots, especially the last couple which are simply stunning. I’ve got a fridge full of Ektar 100 that would be perfect for shooting a sunset with.

    Glad to have found your blog. I look forward to your next post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful pictures. My favorites are the ones that show this magnificent, gigantic sun. My photographic gadgets are not suitable for capturing those images, so I’m dying of envy.


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