Lens Artists Photo Challenge #116 Symmetry

This week’s Lens Artists Photo Challenge #116 focuses on Symmetry. I love finding examples of symmetry when I am out and about with my camera.

Roads are a good place to find symmetry. Some man-made examples of symmetry are these views of the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut.

October Road

The masts and yardarms on this beautiful ship in the Aegean Sea is another example of manufactured symmetry on a boat.

It’s always fun to find symmetry in nature. These Mr. Majestic marigold flowers are a perfect example of finding symmetry in nature. Each petal alone demonstrates natural vertical symmetry and the flower demonstrating radial symmetry.

Mr. Majestic marigolds

Another example of finding symmetry in nature are these photos of the water mirroring back the shoreline, the perfect set-up for some beautiful symmetrical shots.

Turning some of the photographs 90º, these same images become something magical, like woodland forest spirits.

5 thoughts on “Lens Artists Photo Challenge #116 Symmetry

  1. I love your images and experiments with symmetry, Xine. The double images are really interesting. They remind me of a rorschach test! The October road and ship are my favorites this week. I’m glad you joined us!

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