Lens Artists Photo Challenge 115 – Inspiration

This week’s Lens Artist Photo Challenge 115 focuses on Inspiration. Inspiration is a very personal thing and I find inspiration in things that others may look at and scratch their heads.

I am inspired by my vegetable garden and am always finding little miracles occurring within which inspire me even more and give me a more positive outlook on life.

heart shaped pepper
bounty of heirloom tomatoes, peppers and celery

A few years ago I moved to New Hampshire and began to collect photos from the trail cameras on the property of some of the most magnificent wildlife I could have ever imagined. New Hampshire has some interesting wildlife and one of the most unique animals inhabiting these woods are moose.

Male Moose

Another inspirational thing to me is Mother Nature and her sunsets. The colors she uses are amazing and even after a terrible cloudy day I have witnessed some of the more incredible sunsets. These sunsets remind me that despite all the darkness that eventually the light will and can break through.

Newfound Lake, New Hampshire

Santorini, Greece

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