Over the last four decades of photography I know I have taken many storefronts in my time. Of course when I go to look for all those photos, I have no idea where most of them are and a good many of them were done before digital photography.

I remember when I was in high school I had a photo assignment to take pictures of storefronts. At the time I lived in New York City so that was a snap (ha-ha).

When I travel I tend to take more photos of storefronts, they always seem a little bit more interesting than the ones I see one a daily basis. We tend to take for granted the businesses we see on a day to day basis. It isn’t until something like this year’s pandemic that threatened and put out so many of those businesses that we always thought would be there. I wish I had photos of some of them.

When I was in China back in 2008, I took plenty of storefront photographs, here are three of them followed by the one storefront photo I could find of a storefront in NYC from a trip I took back in 2008.

These photos are my post for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: All about buildings: Commercial buildings or store fronts

Candy Shop in Zhujiajiao, China
Antique Store -Zhujiajiao, China
Tea House in Beijing, China
Apple Store in NYC

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