DaphXine Art Challenge- BBQ food

I’ve been trying to draw and paint more, so I agreed to sponsor an art challenge on Instagram (but I’m trying to encourage participants also here too) with my sister. So this week, I spent a lot of time drawing hamburgers for our DaphXine Art Challenge (DXAC). This is the eighth week since we started the challenge and I have found it to be a lot of fun. I never draw food or hadn’t drawn any food before my sister came up with the idea for this month’s challenge.

Since I have never drawn or painted any food, I went right to SkillShare and YouTube to watch a few videos and get some ideas before attempting to start.I find it really helpful to simply watch other people do it first and then go back and try to follow along and do it myself. There are so many great classes out there, I’m excited to try to take more advantage of that going forward.

Quarter Pounder with Cheese

I began the week simply sketching in pencil and the using pen. I figured I should focus my attention on form first then work up to the color. I sketch a lot fist until I get comfortable with whatever it is I’m drawing. Somethings come easier than others. This week, after a while, I began to make myself hungry from all the hamburger drawing. I found it to be a really fun exercise as well.

I also played around a little with style – cartoonish vs realistic

Join us in August for a European Art Travel challenge. Each week we have a travel destination for you to let your creative mind get to work. You can do a landscape, landmark, cuisine, the choice is yours! The only requirement is that it must be from or of that country.

Here’s how you can participate:

You choose any medium you would like. You can do all weeks or just one. Interpret and make these prompts your way. It can be painting, lettering, journaling, photography, crafts.

We want to see your art and showcase your work. ! Be sure to tag your post with #Happytravelsartchallenge2020, #daphxineartchallenge, #DXAC. To learn more also check out this link.

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