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Recently I have moved the last of all my ‘stuff’ from my house in Connecticut up to the house in New Hampshire. We’ve been packing and unpacking boxes for weeks now, sometimes having to repack more boxes to go into our crawl space. I did not do the packing on the Connecticut side because of Covid. So when the boxes arrived up here, it was a little bit like Christmas you could say in the sense that I had no idea what each box contained and the descriptions of “Mom’s Stuff – Office” or “Books and other stuff” weren’t very helpful.

I was reunited with many things I hadn’t seen in years and some things decades since they were packed away in our basement down there for safe keeping. After being photographed to save digitally, my old artwork has now been properly repackaged and once again is downstairs, this time in our crawl space, as we don’t have a full basement up here.

One of the finds included my Senior Project from when I was in the Twelfth Grade at Trinity High School in New York City. The year was 1983 and it was a requirement to do a senior project and since I was really into photography at the time (still am) I choose my project to be photo-based. My subjects were the Kindergarten, the Class of 1995. Wow! Just figuring out the math right now and thinking of my life between the years of 1983-1995 – I was in college, my first jobs, I got married, had moved to four different states and had two children all in that time! And to really blow my mind, these kids are about 42 years old today.

I wish I could remember exactly what camera I was using back then. My guess is that it was Nikon of some sort, since this was my Dad’s camera of choice at the time and he was the one who had given me my camera. I had to develop al the film myself in the school’s darkroom as part of my senior project and print them myself of course. I used to love spending time in the darkroom at school. There was always a good radio station on playing tunes and I could really focus on what I was doing. No pun intended.

Christine Segalas’s Senior Project 1983

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