Lens Artists Photo Challenge #103 – Surprise

Where I live in New Hampshire I am constantly being surprised by nature in one way or another. The other day after receiving packages from our UPS man, I was outside our front door tearing breaking the cardboard boxes down to take to the dump when I was startled by this Eastern American Toad. I’ve come to understand that they like to hang out under front door lights to get the bugs that are attracted by the light. Smart guy.

At the same front door, at another time while watering my plants by my front door, I was surprised to see this giant silk moth, known as a Hyalophora cecropia. Seeing this moth in person was surreal, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. So cool, so pretty.

Then another morning, again at the front door — that light attracts all sorts of interesting wildlife — I was surprised to meet this yellow fuzzy headed moth known as a rosy maple moth, a Dryocampa rubincunda. One of the prettiest moths I have ever come across in person.

We have trail cameras all over our property which allows us to see the wildlife we live among here in New Hampshire. Our house is at 1500 ft elevation but the top of the property is at around 1818 ft. Plenty of times we are witness to bobcat, moose, turkeys, deer, bear and more. Usually they are just passing by but every so often we are surprised to find a photo or video where it seems they understand there is a camera there.

This deer peeked out from the dark surprising me as I was going through all the photos that were on the SD card. Hello! What a nice surprise.

Another time…

This is my post for Lens Artists Photo Challenge #103 – Surprise

2 thoughts on “Lens Artists Photo Challenge #103 – Surprise

  1. A wonderful post of surprises! All of them! It must be a total treat to see those films from your night cameras – every time! That deer and the beautiful rosy maple moth were my biggest surprises! Gorgeous post!

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