From the Archives of My Teenage Years

I recently moved the last of my things from my house in Connecticut to my house in New Hampshire. I’ve spent many days unpacking boxes that had been boxed up by others down there. I have a number of framed art prints which have hung on the walls of every place I’ve lived in throughout my 5 decades of life.

One of the boxes of art treasures I discovered contained all my acrylic paintings and a couple of oil paintings I painted when I was 15-16 years old. Most of the paintings were in pretty good shape considering that they are forty years old! So weird to be looking at my old artwork, it brings back so many memories. It was these works of art which helped me to get into Boston University’s College of Communications vs the College of Basic Studies. It was in doing these works which kept me sane at the time living in a dysfunctional family.

I got a lot of my inspiration from album covers at the time and seeing these paintings again brings back memories of playing music in my bedroom as I painted away the hours – tuning out the world around me.

Back cover of Rocket to Russia by The Ramones (Oil on canvas board)
A Different Kind of Tension – Buzzcocks (Acrylic on canvas board)
Blue Oyster Cult – Agents of Fortune (Acrylic on canvas board)
Panorama – The Cars (Acrylic on canvas board)

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