Xine’s Photo Art Challenge [XPAC8] Lake

Lake is the theme of the week. Join my challenge by posting your own lake themed art or photography. To learn more how to do it and see future themes check out this link.

When I was young, I spent many years hanging out with my friends very summer down by the lake in Sherman, Connecticut. I’m so thankful that I had that experience as a child, pre-technology when all you had was the great outdoors to entertain you and your friends for the most part. We spent hours and days building forts around the lake, canoeing to our secret hideouts from the adults.

I found my happy spot again decades later on another lake, Newfound Lake, a fitting name since I had never heard of it before searching for our new home in New Hampshire.

I have three cameras I use for the most part: my iPhone 11Plus, my Sony Alpha7 and my Canon 50D. The Canon usually has my Opteka 1300mm lens on it which is really large and heavy, so I tend to use that one from the house pointing down at the lake and use the others when I’m down on the lake. But I use those two cameras a lot from the house as well as when I’m out on the boat.

I sell a lot of my photography and art on many online shops like Zazzle, Fine Art America, Søciety 6, Deviant Art…and these are some of the posters I have made highlighting this gorgeous lake.

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