DaphXine Art Challenge [DXAC3] Pastries

So this week’s theme in the DaphXine Art Challenge is pastries!

I tend to paint landscapes, abstracts or my dogs. Food was never a big focus of my artwork, so when my sister asked me to be co-host art challenges, I knew that I would be going out of my immediate comfort zone. I feel as a cp-host that I need to participate and the whole point of an art challenge is to challenge yourself. I decided on doing a croissant since it’s by far my all time favorite pastry. I remember as a child going with my mother to buy croissants at Dumas Bakery in NYC and she would speak French to the people behind the counter.

I’ve never drawn a pastry let alone painted one so to figure out how I’d even begin to do this, I went to the Skillshare website and took a great class by Mariya Popandopulo  Funny and Easy Watercolors: Drawing Cookies and Pastries. She breaks the steps down very nicely. I used Strathmore Artist Tiles to practice sketches on and Arches Cold pressed 300g/m2 – 140lb watercolor paper with Winston & Newton Corman watercolors and my Superior Cocktail watercolors and liner pens .005 and .01.

first and second attempts
Third croissant

Next week’s theme is ice cream or pudding. I’m definitely doing the ice cream.

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