Daph Xine Art Challenge [DXAC2] Cakes and Pies

It’s been a while since I’ve broken out my colored pencils and since my sister Daphsam Photography and Art and I are hosting an art challenge, I thought I would challenge myself and attempt a drawing of a cake. This week’s theme is cakes and pies, so I spent a couple of hours perusing ideas for cakes and pies making myself incredibly hungry and adding to my collection of recipes to try one day.

I finally came across a picture of a beautiful blueberry lemon cake sitting on a wooden pedestal. Yum! I would attempt to draw that. I haven’t drawn in a long time and I was a little girl the last time I drew a cake. I remember learning how to draw cakes back then because I would constantly draw my dream birthday cake.

Original drawing

I couldn’t help myself though in the end and brought the drawing into Photoshop to tweak it. My comfort zone. I should have scanned the drawing, but I was too lazy and simply snapped a photo of it. I still need to practice my drawing skills which I plan to.

Photoshopped version

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