Desserts Art Challenge: Week 1 – Cookies or Biscuits

Welcome to a new DaphXine Art Challenge that my sister Daphsam Photography and Art and I are co-sponsoring. Who doesn’t love dessert? We are inviting you to share your dessert art for the month of June. So break out your watercolors, color pencils, pen and ink, Illustrator, ProCreate, acrylics – any medium you want to use!

Here is my image which I drew in Adobe Illustrator. I started by drawing the cookies. I found a great tutorial that I followed to do the cookies first which showed each step clearly. Then I found another tutorial for the plate. I’ve been working in Illustrator for decades but not all the time. I find that I can learn so much from other people’s tutorials still, constantly working on building and expanding my own skills in the process.

I saved everything individually and then combined all the pieces in Photoshop, a program I am so much more comfortable working in. Layers for one – I love working in layers. In Photoshop, I tweaked my plate more giving it more dimension and was able to easy add a drop shadow to everything as well. Not bad for my first plate of cookies drawn in Illustrator.

In order to get into the mood for the challenge, I had to bake some — to use as a model, of course. I also couldn’t help but play around with filtering one of test shots in Photoshop using multiple layers of Topaz filters at various opacities and blends.

Feel free to add any props, like I did or people or whatever you like with your dessert! You can join every week or opt in for whatever weeks you would like. Do all the weeks or just one, it’s up to you! Just remember to add the tags Dessert art challenge!

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