Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #93 – Morning

My mornings just got a little bit more eggciting! Sorry, I can’t help myself, I’ve been like this all day. This morning two of our four hens started laying their eggs. Mornings have always started early for me ever since adopting one of our three dogs, Marley. She started waking me up around 4:30am every morning as a puppy and we just ever got out of the routine. So mornings start early up here on the mountain.

This time of year, all I used to have to deal with was watering the garden and feed the dogs. So now before entering the garden, I open the door from the hen house to their run and feed the chickens before watering the garden.

Foggy morning

This morning was foggy on the mountain and after entering the hen house to open their door to the outside run I checked the nests which were empty. Once I’m done with my outdoor chores, I head back into the house for more coffee. More recently by now this is the third of the day, the quarantine seems to have increased my coffee intake for reasons I am unsure.

Checking the garden out with the dogs in the morning

My house faces west predominantly so the light I see in the morning is very first light which touches the mountains across from me.

First morning light on Mount Crosby and Bald Knob

In the winter, the morning light reflects off the snow making for a magical effect. Let’s just say purple mountains majesty was written after witnessing the first morning sun touch the mountains.

the morning light in winter on a house in Alexandria, NH

I used to be a night owl. But mornings over the years have become my favorite part of the day and I’ve changed into an early bird. But that’s predominantly because I am no longer raising kids and rushing off to an office for the day before having to pick those kids up and finish the day. My mornings now are leisurely, granted my day starts at 4:30am which would have helped me immensely having those extra hours when I raising them; but you’re tired and sleep deprived when you are raising kids. I work from my house and I have my own schedule, so now I can relax and enjoy my mornings not rushed and frazzled like they had once been. I mediate every morning before the official work day begins. Working from home you have to be disciplined in your work ethic and I have found mediating before all the chaos of the day begins helps a lot.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #93 – Morning

4 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #93 – Morning

  1. Love your soft and delicate choices – eggs are a natural choice! Love your mountains and your dogs too – wonderful colours. They are good looking both, are they siblings? Thank you for joining in!

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    1. Yes they are littermates. It’s been such a wonderful experience raising them and now with the chickens they are becoming real farm dogs. Thank you for your kind words.


  2. Nice post! I too have become a morning person. I was thinking yesterday, I wish I could retire so I could stay up late, get up at 4:00 am and take a nap mid day! I have an older kitty that wakes me/us up early. I can’t seem to get her to stop! But that urged me to get and out this morning on a walk before the high heat hit 😊 Your mornings sound wonderful!

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