Sculpture Saturday – Ciao Gennarino!

“Gennarino, O ‘Scugnizzo di Capri”

There’s a bronze statue basking in the sun of a young boy waving. The sculpture is a greeting to those coming to the island of Capri welcoming seafarers but also waving them off – saying goodbye as they set off for their voyages.

One account of the young scugnizzo, which is a Napoleonic word for street urchin is that he is particularly waving to women to entice them to shore. But despite my best efforts to in researching this sculpture, I was unable to ascertain who the creator is.

Life on the Rocks

If you are fortunate enough to be near Capri and floating around the Adriatic look for the statue, known to be a lucky charm to travellers, wave back and yell ‘Ciao Gennarino!’ .

This is my post for Sculpture Saturday.

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