Wildlife Wednesday 5•20•20

I’ve decided after recently going through the latest SD cards from our trail cameras that I’ve collected a nice library of wildlife photos since moving up to New Hampshire and my almost hundred acre wood. I’m a lifelong fan of A.A.Milne’s Winnie the Pooh books and somehow now find myself among my old childhood friends and a few others which bring another favorite to mind, Beatrix Potter and her menagerie of characters.

Since moving up to New Hampshire four and half years ago, I have been able to photograph bear, bobcat, coyotes, deer, eagles, falcons, fishers, foxes, moose, porcupine, owls, rabbits, and turkeys. Sometimes either in person or via the multiple trail camera I have posted up all over the property.

Some photos that the trail cameras catch are priceless and have afforded me the opportunity to observe nature without being in its way. I am the intruder in their world and I respect their space and protect their surroundings.

That said, here is the first of what I plan to make a weekly post #wildlifewednesday which if you are on Instagram check out my Instagram account as well @segalascreatives.

Bear cub
Sniffing around

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