Xine’s Photo Art Challenge: [XPAC3] Fog

Welcome to week three of Xine’s Photo Art Challenge [XPAC3]! This week’s theme is fog. Foggy days make for some great photo opportunities, although you may not think that on a foggy day that it’s a great time to go explore around with your camera but it can be.

I’d love to see your photos and so join the challenge by making your own post and tagging it XPAC3 and or Xine’s Photo Art Challenge. To see the full run down and upcoming themes for June check this link.

A foggy drive into town one day I noticed the fog lingering in the field of the middle school and took this drive-by shot.

The tree canopy over South Avenue in New Canaan made for a much darker photo than the field one but with the headlights from the oncoming car, I think it I think it helps to highlight the density of the fog somewhat.

One morning, Mark and I went down to the boat with the intention of capturing a sunrise on the water. The morning we went down it was clear skies at our house 1500ft on the side of the mountain which overlooks the lake. But what we like to refer to as the pool cover was on the lake that morning, so when we arrived down at the boat we were in a thick fog.

gas dock in the fog

The water was like glass, there was not a lick of wind as we set out in our boat in the thickest fog you could imagine. I should say that we know our lake well and also knew that we’d be the only ones out on the lake that early and in such pea-soup conditions.

It became apparent that I wasn’t going to get the sunrise photos that I hoped to get since the fog was so dense it was taking a lot longer to burn off that morning.

Mark and I went out to the middle of the lake where he cut the engine and we just drifted in the fog. There was no wind, so we barely even drifted. We meditated as the sun struggled to burn through fog.

The shoreline begins to appear
The houses slowly becoming more visible

There are many mornings where we wake and the clouds have settled on top of the lake like a down blanket. The cold water temperatures meeting the warmer air temperature being warmer than the dew point creates fog. Some mornings it burns off faster than others, but not that morning.

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