Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #96: Cropping the Shot

I have trail camera all over my property so that I can enjoy capture nature when I’m not around. Which is sometimes preferable since we have moose, bear, bobcats and coy-dogs just to name a few and I don’t really want to run into any of those guys. I understand we are sharing the space and I always give them plenty of space but I do like that I can spy in on their world from time to time.

Original Trail Camera Shot

Depending on where the cameras are and what exactly is passing by it to trip off the sensors will determine the type of shot is captured. Cropping can make the photographs so much more interesting. In the first edit – I cropped out the road which the camera was pointing up and focused in on the flock of turkeys coming out of my driveway.

First cropping

The next edit, I focused on the trio of turkeys.I liked the way they were standing together as if stopped at a traffic light.

Another way to look at things

I the next edit was to go back to the first edit and this time focus on the trio in the center of the flock. They looked to be like they are going in circles which explains why the first trio was stopped in their tracks.

Focus on another set of turkeys

Cropping can add value to the composition of a photo and make the subject stand out so much more than if you had left the photo alone.

This is my post for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #96: Cropping the Shot

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