Throwback Thursday – Metalwork

It’s been a little while since I’ve been behind the torch. But it’s definitely something I want to get back to doing. Last fall I finally bought my own equipment since the equipment I learned on was at school equipment. Back in 2012, I attended the Silvermine Art School in New Canaan and learned how to weld. It was one of the funnest and I consider one of the most important skills I have ever learned. The ability to fuse metal together with fire is a power feeling.

I used to love going to our local scrap yard and picking through all the pieces of metal. Finding old gears and springs etc was always something that would start to fuel my thought on how they could be repurposed.

work in progress

I spent two semesters working on my owl, totally over 91 hours of work. I don’t think I have spent that much time on a project ever or since. I loved working on the owl and have plans to do more sculptures like him.

A work in progress, he still needs his wings

When I created the owl I have envisioned him perched on branch somehow and for a while he was perched on a log. It wasn’t until we moved up to New Hampshire that I was finally pleased with how the owl was perched.

The owl in his permanent perch

Now if I could just organize my time better and get myself behind the torch again.

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