Xine’s Photo and Art Challenge -Rain

It’s raining today. It rained all day yesterday and it’s supposed to rain again tomorrow too. With that in mind I thought I would look through my photos and find some of my rainy day photos. These are my photos to fit my own challenge this week where the theme is rain.

Red Light Reflection

I remember taking this photo, I had just come back to my car after having dinner in town and everything was soaked. I noticed how the red light behind me lit up the side mirror and thought it looked cool. I took the photo with my Apple iPhone 3GS on May 29, 2010. You can see how the red light reflection really adds to the image and brings out the raindrops more on the mirror.
February 10, 2010 I was driving through the park near my house probably on my way to picking up one of the kids from school. I used to love driving through park and stopping to snap a photo when no one was on the road tht cuts through the park.

Waveny Park, New Canaan

In 2008, I was in Shanghai, China and the first day we woke up to a thunderstorm. We were only going to be in Shanghai for a few days and we had an itinerary to keep so we grabbed our umbrellas and off we went to tour around Shanghai.

At the time I was using my Canon 40D most of the time on this trip and looking like a tourist I’m sure since who else would be out in what would later prove to be a historical amount of rain that fell busting a 150 year old record.

The rain did provide for some beautiful photographs that had it been sunny definitely would have had more people in them.

I don’t think this picture would have been as interesting, if it weren’t for the raindrops that can be seen in the water.

Next time it’s raining, grab your camera and explore your world and I’m sure you’ll take some amazing shots. If you already have, I would love to see them, so make your own post and and share with me in the comments. Tag your posts XinesPhoto-ArtChallenge# and/or XPAC# and leave a link to your post in the comments. I look forward to seeing everyone’s photography and or artwork.

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