Flower of the Day: Hibiscus

It’s been a rough spring to say the least, the weather has not been cooperative up in central New Hampshire delivering nights which the temperature still drops below freezing and has promised us more snow tomorrow night and there is the fact that we are all still in quarantine, hiding from this incidious virus.

It’s times like these when looking back to the beauty of my past gardens when life was different that give me a bit of comfort. Most of my digital files really seem to pick up in 2008, although I have plenty of scans of photos that predate that. Some from the 90’s when I was more involved with raising my two kids and my photography focused on them mostly.

I love this photo of the two hibiscus flowers as it takes me back to a summer around the pool many years ago when we would hang out and enjoy the summer with friends, playing in the pool and grilling up delicious food on the patio while sipping cocktails and listening to good tunes.