A Single Pylon

This is my entry for City Sonnet’s, March Photo a Day  challenge for March 14th – single.

It was a foggy morning down at the lake. I went down early in hopes of catching the sunrise. It was clear up at the house when we left that morning but as we descended down from our 1500 ft perch where we live to the lake at 500ft, we entered a different world completely.

This fog enveloped everything around of on the lake. We would see this often looking down at the lake commenting “It has the ‘pool cover’ on this morning.’ The low clouds and fog looking like a blanket covering the lake that as the morning progressed peeled itself back on way or another. Sometimes it would happen quickly, other mornings we’d comment how people lakeside probably thought it was a crappy foggy day when just a few hundred feet above their heads there was nothing but blue sky.

This morning we were in the thick pea-soup-like fog. The air was so still. We took our boat from the marina where it’s docked and carefully made our way out onto the lake. It was surreal and I never would have attended going out in the boat myself, but I happen to have a very competent captain in Mark. He’s the yin to my yang and we’ll be together 9 year this May.

We floated around in the waters of Newfound Lake which we are so blessed to look out over every day from our home. When we knew we were out in near the middle of the lake, away from the shore, we let the boat to simply drift as we did our morning meditation.

Although I had my Sony camera with me I took this photo with my iPhone 8. I did not do anything to the color while editing in Photoshop other than to tweak the clarity a little with the Topaz Labs filter.

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